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Climate Trauma

About Zhiwa Woodbury

Panpsychologist (panpsychism-informed psychology), visionary and long time advocate for all things natural and wild, Zhiwa  studied Thermodynamics, Science/Math and Communications at Southern Illinois University before obtaining a doctorate in Natural Law (1983). After a successful career advocating for wildlife and wild places, he returned to school and obtained an M.A. in East/West Psychology, with an emphasis on quantum eco-psychology and spiritual counseling, and also trained and served at world-renowned Zen Hospice in San Francisco. Zhiwa is a vajrayana practitioner who follows Hua-Yen philosophy and practices Kalacakra tantrayana. Author of a book on climate grief, Climate Sense ~ Changing the Way We Think & Feel About Our Climate in Crisis, and two influential lead articles in the peer reviewed journal Ecopsychology: "Climate Crisis & the Cosmic Bomb: Is the American Dream an Expression of Cultural Trauma" (Dec. 2015) and "Climate Trauma: Towards a New Taxonomy of Trauma" (March 2019). Zhiwa was a featured speaker and part of the inspiration for Thomas Hubl's inaugural Collective Trauma Summit, and a presented a model of climate grief at H.H. Dalai Lama's Mind & Life Conference (Harvard 2014). Zhiwa Blogs at PanpsychologyNow!

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