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Above the Clouds

Zhiwa Woodbury

Panpsychologist & Spiritual Counselor

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"The world today hangs by a thin thread, and that thread is the psyche of man." C.G. Jung

We have a stark choice between our own eventual extermination or a near term transformation. Such a transformation of human culture and the global economy will not come about without a simultaneous shift in collective consciousness. Trauma always raises questions of identity, whether considered at the scale of the individual, a culture, or now with the climate crisis, at the scale of an entire species. The choices we humans are making now - and will continue to make - in response to this spiritual emergency will determine whether we engender spiritual emergence, the messy rebirth of our species, or instead we repeat the kind of Great Dying that once wiped out 95% of all life on the planet, and took 10 million years for the biosphere to recover. My purpose in writing this book is to offer guidance and succor to all who those natural healers and existential professionals in the world, all those who hear the cries of the Earth, and all those advocating for climate sanity in every arena of life, so that we may attend Gaia’s bedside and serve as her spiritual midwives in planetary hospice. Whether Gaia is now dying, just ill, or about to give birth is largely dependent on how we, as a species, respond to her signals and attend to her needs.


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About Zhiwa Woodbury

Panpsychologist (panpsychism-informed psychology), visionary and long time advocate for all things natural and wild, Zhiwa  studied Thermodynamics, Science/Math and Communications at Southern Illinois University before obtaining a doctorate in Natural Law (1983). After a successful career advocating for wildlife and wild places, he returned to school and obtained an M.A. in East/West Psychology, with an emphasis on quantum eco-psychology and spiritual counseling, and also trained and served at world-renowned Zen Hospice in San Francisco. Zhiwa is a vajrayana practitioner who follows Hua-Yen philosophy and practices Kalacakra tantrayana. Author of a book on climate grief, Climate Sense ~ Changing the Way We Think & Feel About Our Climate in Crisis, and two influential lead articles in the peer reviewed journal Ecopsychology: "Climate Crisis & the Cosmic Bomb: Is the American Dream an Expression of Cultural Trauma" (Dec. 2015) and "Climate Trauma: Towards a New Taxonomy of Trauma" (March 2019). Zhiwa was a featured speaker and part of the inspiration for Thomas Hubl's inaugural Collective Trauma Summit, and a presented a model of climate grief at H.H. Dalai Lama's Mind & Life Conference (Harvard 2014). Zhiwa Blogs at PanpsychologyNow!

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